Monthly Archives: October 2013

When reviewing any new technology, library, or framework, you’ll first ask, “Where does this fit into the stack, and how would it benefit me?” TL;DR: Ionic’s ultimate goal is to make it easier to develop native mobile apps with HTML5, also known as Hybrid apps. The Missing Piece Every semi-colon slinging cowboy is out riding […]

When we went to build Ionic, we knew that great design would be crucial in an amazing HTML5 mobile app development framework. This meant we had to cover a lot of (visual) bases with the design, but few design challenges were as daunting as iconography. People are going to use icons in their designs. That […]

Ever since we launched our first product Codiqa to make it incredibly easy to build HTML5 mobile websites and apps, we knew HTML5 had huge potential on mobile. But until recently, it was just too easy to say that HTML5 would never be a legitimate replacement for native on mobile.