Monthly Archives: March 2014

If you’ve been following Ionic since we launched, or even reviewing our nightly commit log, you’ll know just how hard we’ve been working to continue to improve Ionic. In the short time since our Alpha release a few months ago, we’ve seen some great apps being built, and have been amazed by the passion and […]

See the Pen by Ionic (@ionic) on CodePen. One great thing about native SDKs is the control they give developers when it comes to common tasks like prompting the user for input, or showing a modal dialog. Unfortunately, the browser built-ins alert(), confirm(), and prompt(), while convenient, are too limiting for those that wish to […]

Today we are super excited to announce we’ve closed $1M in funding from Arthur Ventures, and were featured in a great TechCrunch writeup. With this funding, we are going to focus on making Ionic the best mobile development framework in town, starting with dramatically improving the stability, documentation, and feature set of the framework, and […]

As we’ve built out Ionic, we’ve gotten a ton of questions about Cordova and PhoneGap. These range from confusion with the naming (are Cordova and PhoneGap the same thing?), to a misunderstanding of the goals and capabilities of these projects. A quick history lesson PhoneGap proper was created around 2009 by a startup called Nitobi […]

Today we are happy to announce that Justin Noel, also known as (@calendee), is joining the Ionic Team as a Community Manager. You’ll be seeing a lot more of Justin on the Ionic Forums, helping out with any quesitons you might have with Ionic, and also triaging issues for the Ionic core dev team.