Monthly Archives: April 2014

AngularJS is turning out to be one of the best frameworks for building mobile apps across all major platforms. One reason that Angular fits so well into the mobile developer toolbox is its features for interacting with backend web services and external data sources. Since most apps today are data-driven, it makes sense to use […]

Today, we’re excited to announce that Mike Hartington (@mhartington on Twitter, @mhartington on GitHub, and mhartington on the Forum) has joined Ionic as a Community Manager! If you haven’t already interacted with him on the Forum, expect to see him there more often. He’ll be helping out on a daily basis fielding questions/ideas/suggestions, creating inspirational […]

Today, Gerred Dillon (@justicefries on Twitter and @gerred on GitHub) joins the Ionic Team as Developer Evangelist! You’ll see Gerred more often in our upcoming technical blog posts, documentation, demos, and at meetups and conferences.

Tomorrow night, @maxlynch will be presenting Ionic at the AngularMN meetup group in Saint Paul, MN. If you’re in the area, stop by (though space is almost full!) If you can’t make the meetup, we are having an Ionic Drinkup after at The Bulldog bar in downtown Saint Paul, starting around 8:30. Join us for […]