Monthly Archives: March 2015

In honor of Ionic’s 1.0 release candidate, the publishers of several Ionic and Ionic-related books are offering special, limited-time promotions. Get ’em while they’re hot!

Now that we’ve released Ionic 1.0, we want to share more about our favorite new Ionic features. Last week, Adam wrote about his favorite new feature in Ionic 1.0, Swipe to Go Back. Personally, I’m most excited about our new animated SVG spinners, and I thought I’d explain why we decided to change the spinners […]

Think about how it feels when you open up a particularly well designed iOS or Android app. The entire experience is predictable and clear; everything functions according to your expectations. To achieve a user experience this seamless and comfortable, you’ll need to design your app according to the style guidelines of each major mobile platform. […]

One of the biggest requests for Ionic View and is to be able to invite co-workers, friends, and customers to preview and test your app. This would make the Ionic View app a great beta-testing experience that is quite a bit easier to use than TestFlight, etc.

Last week at ng-conf, we announced Ionic RC0, which includes several new features about which we’re really excited. The first one, a feature near and dear to my heart, is Swipe to Go Back. Ionic now uses interactive transitions, rather than just static animations. Swipe to Go Back works the same way the back button […]

Hey Ionites, After a hugely successful ngConf last week, the Ionic office is abuzz with Angular 2, and what it means for Ionic. The number one response from ngConf is that Angular is here to stay, and will only continue to dominate in the future. We are all investing in the right framework. With that […]

We are excited to be sponsoring a $500 cash prize for the best Ionic post submitted to AirPair’s $100K developer writing competition!

Collection repeat is Ionic’s buttery-smooth solution for scrolling huge lists. Inspired by iOS’s UITableView, we switch out elements as the user scrolls, so that only the minimum necessary elements are rendered. We released our first version of collection repeat last year and have been improving it since then. Recently, we identified some huge potential performance […]