Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Ionic community recently started a Slack chat group called Ionic Worldwide. Created by Ryan Hanna of Sworkit, one of the most popular consumer Ionic apps, the group is quickly growing and becoming the watering hole for the Ionic dev community. We’d like to extend an invite to the rest of the Ionic community to […]

Setting up up a hybrid app environment on a Windows machine can take multiple steps and be time-consuming and challenging for beginners. First, you need to go out and get Java, then NodeJS. Finally, you need to download the Android SDK. Once you’ve completed those steps, you need to manually add each one to your […]

One of the reasons we built Ionic was to provide the missing “Web SDK” for mobile apps built in the browser. Before Ionic, it was just too hard to build mobile apps that looked and felt native in the browser. There was too much black magic needed to make an app perform well, and too […]

Firebase has become one of the most popular backend solutions for modern apps. With SDKs for almost every platform you can think of, it provides a real-time database that allows you to keep all your users in sync. Firebase also has awesome authentication APIs that make adding social logins incredibly simple. If you don’t have […]