Monthly Archives: November 2015

Bitcoin has been the new hotness in currency–the first form of decentralized cryptocurrency, independent of any central authority or ownership. It’s open source, so anyone can use it and take part in supporting it. Turns out that Ionic apps play well with Bitcoin, and devs are taking note. We tracked down two awesome companies who […]

Since launching Ionic Creator into the wild in July of 2014, over 80,000 developers have used it to rapidly prototype their Ionic apps. While we could not have been happier with the response that Creator received, we knew that there were definitely things that could be improved upon. And many of our awesome early users […]

Today, Ionic and the Angular team at Google have partnered up to bring you the Angular Cardboard Hack-a-thon. For the next two months, we are challenging the Ionic, Angular, and broader VR community to build a great Cardboard app with Ionic and Angular for the chance to win a free ticket to next year’s ngConf […]