Monthly Archives: February 2017

We’ve been hard at work at Ionic improving our support for desktop applications, one of our most requested features. The central piece of Ionic’s desktop support is an all-new responsive grid system that makes it easy to build UI that scales up from mobile through tablet and desktop displays. The new grid is a powerful, […]

Over the last month, Manu has been working hard on adding an oft-requested and powerful new feature to Ionic apps: Split Pane. With Split Pane, it’s now easy to show a responsive side menu with side-by-side navigation controllers that will display on larger screens (such as the iPhone 7 plus, tablets, and desktops) and collapse […]

A major focus at Ionic right now is reducing the final bundle size of an Ionic app. One of the major file size offenders has been Ionic Native, which bundles a decent amount of plugin code into your app regardless of whether or not you’re using those plugins. Ionic Native 3.x fixes this by moving […]