Monthly Archives: March 2017

We are asked constantly how to do proper unit testing of Ionic apps. To help developers get going quickly, we’ve worked with community member @roblouie to put together an official example project with unit testing baked right in, using Karma and Jasmine (also thanks to @lathonez for his clicker project and Josh Morony for his […]

Today we’re excited to release the 3.x version of Ionic Native, a project that makes it easy to use over 130 native mobile SDK features in your app through simple JavaScript interfaces, in a way that works across all major platforms (and now the web!). (Impatient? Check out the README for instructions on using it, […]

Over the last few months the framework team has been hard at work on a new v3 version of the Ionic CLI. The project’s focus has been on improving the overall developer experience, CLI speed, and architecture to allow us to potentially introduce new plugins and platforms in the future. We want the developer experience […]

You thought the grid was great? This isn’t even our final form. Why hello you amazing people, we’ve got some exciting updates and news to share from the front lines of Ionic development.