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  • Dirk-Jan Hoek

    I’d love to try it out, but it seems to be stuck on “Loading Content, Please wait…” 😉

    • aaronksaunders

      hey ping me in the forums so I can see what the problem is.. thanks

      • Mohan Gopi

        I too not able to proceed i am also getting the same loader for long time but the UI part impressed me good work team

  • Stephen Kennedy

    This app is a bit slow and apk is big, but the UI looks great. I love their use of sliders, and that it supports multiple languages. The side menu looks good too (icons and fixed footer). I wonder what angular-based CMS did they use, or was it homegrown?

    • aaronksaunders

      we built a custom CMS to support the solution, thanks for your feedback

      • davidgeller

        Aaron – I thought I recognized your name. Congrats on the project! What’s the best way to reach you? Love to hear your thoughts on Ionic vs. Appcelerator’s stuff.

  • Dariusz Olsz

    Does not work! Loading and that’s it. Does ionic work that way? Is it so unreliable?

  • chrisbenseler

    Which version of Ionic 2 is the app currently using?
    I have installed it in a Moto G4, the transitions (when opening a new page, modal, etc…) are not good.

  • Andres Pastorino