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Songhop, a super fast way to find new music, streams music that can be quickly flipped through using swipe gestures to interact with the Tinder-esque interface. The team behind Eric Simons, Albert Pai, and Matt Green, built the app, which is targeted at teens and young adults.

In early 2013, Simons, Pai, and Green wrote what is now the de facto tutorial on AngularJS and have since taught over 500K developers AngularJS. They originally heard about Ionic from the AngularJS community and agreed that it would take significantly more time to learn native languages than to learn how Ionic was set up. They built the entire Songhop app on top of Ionic’s UI elements and plugins: modals, dialogs, navigation controllers, swipe gestures, etc.

“We custom-skinned a lot of components, and it was unbelievably easy to do so,” says Simons. “The framework is absolutely fantastic, and the documentation and resources that Ionic provides is unreal. I’ve honestly never seen such comprehensive docs and resources for a framework or platform. Further, the design decisions that the Ionic team has made are very intuitive and straightforward, which makes it a lot easier to understand how things work.”

Simons debunks the myth of “native speed apps,” saying, “We have had precisely 0 users (out of thousands) complain about our app being slow, buggy, etc, so the supposed benefit of having ’native speed’ apps just isn’t true anymore.”

Songhop is available from the iOS App Store, and Simons and his team have plans to teach users to make their own versions of Songhop in an upcoming tutorial.

  • homepokergames

    Great looking app! The Cordova default image splash screen is still showing on the live iOS app on an iPad

  • dmackerman

    Looks cool. It gave me an INVALID_URI redirect when trying to connect my Spotify account.

  • loic knuchel

    Sadly I can’t test the app… I’m waiting for an android version…

    Thanks a lot to Songhop team to share some knowlegde. I can’t wait to hear about how they manage performance issues with a lot of picture.
    I hope they will share their ‘tinder-like’ component 😉

  • Ricardo Sousa Barbosa

    great app! congratulations!

  • Joris

    Great app guys! Well executed and like you said, the performance issue is almost non-existent on modern devices.

  • Jamie Sutherland

    Looks sweet guys! Well done

  • Francois Grogor

    Very impressive and fresh design! The image loading is fantastic

  • Hales♡

    Incredible. I hope to one day create something great with Ionic.

  • Michel Nogales

    How to Create the Circle of Progressive Download ?

  • Tanuj

    Brilliant app, finally got around to downloading and trying it. Its very smooth, and its impossible to say if this is a “native” app or not. Speeds were incredible, everything works like a charm. Since I’m not based in USA, I cant properly test the Spotify integration and so haven’t bothered trying, but either way, its a great app.