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Over the last few months the framework team has been hard at work on a new v3 version of the Ionic CLI. The project’s focus has been on improving the overall developer experience, CLI speed, and architecture to allow us to potentially introduce new plugins and platforms in the future. We want the developer experience of the CLI to be as good as the framework that it supports. ❤️

A major motivation for v3 was improving the speed of the CLI experience itself. The first thing you should notice is the install time: the new CLI install is significantly faster. One measure shows install time reducing from 150 seconds for CLI v2 to around 10 seconds for CLI v3! The commands themselves are also more responsive. ?

Providing better help documentation and more guidance as you interact with commands was another important goal of CLI v3. Command help is now clearer and provides a nice overview of the command’s interface.

Start command output

Most commands also have interactive prompts. These can provide additional details about the inputs that are required.

Getting started

To install the new CLI execute the following command:

npm install -g [email protected]

If you are working with an existing Ionic project you will also need to execute the following command in your project directory.

For Ionic1 Projects
npm install --save-dev @[email protected] @[email protected]

For Ionic2 Project
npm install --save-dev @[email protected] @[email protected]

Additional Documentation can be found in the project’s README. We hope that in the coming days you will install the new CLI and provide us with feedback on your experiences. Let us know by filing an issue on the repo for the project

We look forward to your feedback. Enjoy! ?

  • Stefan Huber

    Hmm. How to run “ionic test”?

  • Slash

    I know it is in beta status, but should we use it also for production environments? Or only play around in dev?

    • yesimahuman

      You’re free to use it in production, and we’re free to make breaking changes while it’s in beta 😀

  • Rodney

    Good job guys – my build time went from 30 seconds on average down to 5s!

  • Appie

    That sounds great! as the CLI experience has been very lacking.

  • olivier cherrier

    Thank you very much Guy. I already support ionic 2 in beta so i will wait the stable version for clients v3 😉

  • Rajkiran Panuganti

    npm install –[email protected][email protected] fails for me. How do I go back ? (I don’t know which version I had)

  • Nick Bistrov

    As for me it somehow takes longer time than v2

    [16:25:46] watch started …
    [16:25:46] build dev started …
    [16:25:46] clean started …
    [16:25:46] clean finished in 2 ms
    [16:25:46] copy started …
    [16:25:46] transpile started …
    [16:26:01] transpile finished in 14.48 s
    [16:26:01] preprocess started …
    [16:26:01] preprocess finished in 8 ms
    [16:26:01] webpack started …
    [16:26:01] copy finished in 15.05 s
    [16:26:32] webpack finished in 31.50 s
    [16:26:32] sass started …
    [16:26:34] sass finished in 1.57 s
    [16:26:34] postprocess started …
    [16:26:34] postprocess finished in 1 ms
    [16:26:34] lint started …
    [16:26:34] build dev finished in 47.62 s
    [16:26:34] watch ready in 47.81 s
    [16:26:34] dev server running: http://localhost:8100/

    [16:26:39] lint finished in 5.71 s
    ✔ Executing cordova command: cordova run ios –device – done!
    [16:27:16] console.log: deviceready has not fired after 5 seconds.

  • anil

    I have been waiting for ionic slide tabs in header like

    still no component was created by ionic Team
    atleast in next release we are expecting this component

  • Michael Mammut

    CLI 3 works very well!! 🙂 Thank you !!

  • hossam_hawary

    what if I need to run something after build or after serve??

  • Simon Dowdles

    I am not sure if it was just a dependency issue for me when test driving the beta3 CLI (as I updated within an existing Ionic project), but when the build failed due to Typescript errors, I got zero indication of the problem, not even that it was a Typescript fail. Even with the –debug flag. I only know that it was a Typescript compilation / transpilation issue becuase v2 of the CLI told me so 🙂