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  • Kévin

    Hi Thanks for blog post it helps a lot !

    2 things.

    Your method to set preferences doesn’t work like described in the blog post but works from your repo :

    this.appRate.preferences.storeAppURL = {
    ios: ‘849930087’,
    android: ‘market://details?id=com.ionic.viewapp’
    this.appRate.preferences.usesUntilPrompt = 2;
    this.appRate.preferences.customLocale = {
    title: ‘Rate Us… Pretty Please?’,
    message: ‘Without ratings we starve =(‘,
    cancelButtonLabel: ‘Pass’,
    rateButtonLabel: ‘Rate it!’,
    laterButtonLabel: ‘Ask Later’

    the second point is how you call the promptForRating, the one from the blog is broken, the one in the repo works :


  • Hugh Hou

    Is this updated to Ionic RC0?

  • jfbloom22

    For the best chance of high ratings, we should try to avoid interrupting the user experience.

  • Rashid NK

    is it no just taking the user to app page ?

  • superdelta

    Got it working with this guide and ionic 2.
    But what about ionic 3 and 4?
    I always get a Runtime Error „Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘_this.appRate.preferences’)“

    Can someone give me a hint what to change to get apprate running as a provider/service with ionic 3+ ?