Monthly Archives: January 2014

Just when we thought we had this web-dev stuff figured out with HTML5 standards and modern desktop browsers, mobile devices slapped us in the face. Mobile browsers are still the wild-west of web development (which is exactly why I love it), but because they’re still relatively new, we’re all still fleshing out the details on […]

One of the original goals of the Ionic Framework was to encourage custom mobile UI development with HTML5, building UIs that were innovative, interactive, and fun, but weren’t necessarily part of the core mobile UI framework on a given platform. We’ve seen native developers doing this for some time. Startups and companies like Jelly, Path, […]

When was the last time you saw a unique mobile app rise the ranks of popularity, hit number one or two in the App/Play Store, maybe even become a household name– yet, have a visual design that completely mimics the native UI design for all the platforms? My guess is you haven’t, and you probably […]