Monthly Archives: February 2014

A few days ago we released Ionic v0.9.25 “Quokka” (changelog). In addition to lots of bugs getting fixed and a few new features, one big thing that changed was moving Ionic directives to use the ion- prefix. This means instead of using <side-menus>, you’ll need to start using <ion-side-menus>. This applies to any and all […]

Hey SF Ionic Friends! @maxlynch and @benjsperry will be hosting a casual Meet and Drink on 2/20 at 7PM at the Thirsty Bear in SoMa: View Larger Map Come meet two of the creators of the Ionic Framework and talk about building apps with Ionic, and HTML5 mobile app development and design in general. We […]

Going out on the town, but not sure what’s going on? You’ll want to check out the GoingOut app, built with Ionic. GoingOut lists nightly events for bars, clubs, and other venues in your local area (starting with their hometown of Leeds, UK): Greg Pratt, the lead developer of GoingOut, first heard about Ionic from […]

Earlier this summer, I realized AngularJS was going to be f’ing huge. I don’t just mean it was going to be the next hot thing that would be here for a few months only to be replaced a few months later. By huge, I mean it was going to change the entire frontend development industry […]

Today we are incredibly excited to welcome Andy Joslin (@ajoslin on github) to the Ionic Core team! Andy is an AngularJS veteran, having used it since the 1.0 release. He’s also been a contributor to the angular-ui/bootstrap project and is an avid fan of open source, having created several popular mobile open source projects in […]