Monthly Archives: May 2014

I’m thrilled to introduce Perry Govier (@perrygovier on Twitter and @perry on the Forum) as our newest core framework developer on Ionic! Perry has extensive experience building hybrid mobile apps professionally. He’s built many Cordova apps and recently fell in love with AngularJS.

Hybrid development is great because you get to spend most of your time in the idyllic pastures of web technologies, and with the help of Cordova, reap many of the benefits of native with little extra effort. HTML5, CSS and JavaScript are your friends, and with all the time and money they save you, finding […]

We’ve been quiet over the last month or so, but trust me, we’ve been busy! Today, I am incredibly happy to announce the release of Ionic 1.0 Beta 4. What’s that? You missed beta 2 and 3? Well, we had a very productive last two weeks and decided to ship three new releases in short […]

Today, I’m thrilled to welcome Melissa Behrens (@meltr0n on Twitter) as Ionic’s Operations Manager. She’s helping our team ‘level up’ by making sure all the working parts of our business are running smoothly and efficiently. In other words, she’s enabling each person to focus on what they do best!