Monthly Archives: July 2014

By now, the cat’s out of the bag on Ionic Creator, our upcoming drag-and-drop development tool for building beautiful hybrid apps with Ionic and AngularJS. For those that have been following our company‘s history over the last few years, you know that we have a passion for making development simpler and faster through visual dev […]

Created by software developers Amira Anuar, Matt Gutierrez, and Conor Fennell at Hack Reactor, a dev bootcamp in San Francisco, FitRPG turns Fitbit data into a game that friends and family members can play against each other. The app is integrated with the Fitbit API to allow users who own Fitbits to use the data […]

Today, I’m excited to introduce a better way for all our awesome community members and contributors to submit Ionic issues: Submit An Issue. Many of the issue submissions on GitHub are closely related to existing issues, so to streamline the process and make the interface more user-friendly, we changed our issue submission form.