Monthly Archives: September 2014

Salesforce just announced the return of the $1M Hackathon, this time coming to their October 13th Dreamforce conference. The hackathon runs from October 10th through the 12th. That means you have just two days to build the best mobile app on Salesforce technology and win part of the $1M in prizes. You can’t afford to […]

For a while now, we’ve wanted to update Pull To Refresh in Ionic. It worked, but it wasn’t exciting, and since it’s a goal of ours at Ionic to make every component as enjoyable to use as it can be, we decided it was time for a change. Here’s some of the lessons in semiotics […]

Single Page Apps are ruling the world and AngularJS is leading the charge. But many of the lessons we learned in the Web 2.0 era no longer apply, and few are as drastically different as authentication. Depending on where you build and release your AngularJS app, there are different ways to handle authentication and I […]

Any app that wants to stand out among the billions of apps out there needs to be able to adapt to different screen sizes, a fact with which all developers have to deal. Since Cordova is a web-view, devs can rely on responsive web design (RWD) to deal with this. However, some things need a […]

Ionicons have become incredibly popular, so much so that they actually account for a majority of our content delivery network (CDN) traffic. But what if you wanted to load the icons as part of a checkout page? For security reasons, that checkout page is being loaded over HTTPS, but Ionicons are still on HTTP. You […]

Developer Ryan Hanna built Sworkit, now owned by Nexercise, with only five months of coding experience. “I like the the mentality of code what you know, and learn what you don’t along the way,” says Hanna. Sworkit is a fitness app that provides bodyweight workouts that can be done anywhere, for users at all levels […]

We are happy to announce that the Ionic CLI has been updated with some great new features.

Say you’re going to Chicago for the weekend but would love company on the drive and a little bit of gas money., founded by Adam Braus and based in Madison, WI, is an app that does just that. It helps individual drivers sell tickets for seats in their cars on road trips. “In a […]