Monthly Archives: October 2014

When we released the Swipe Cards ion (our term for Ionic add-ons/widgets), Tinder wasn’t really on our radar. At the time, we were impressed by some of the unique UX elements in the app Jellyfish and wanted to prove they could be built just as well in Ionic and with the power of HTML5. However, […]

Songhop, a super fast way to find new music, streams music that can be quickly flipped through using swipe gestures to interact with the Tinder-esque interface. The team behind Eric Simons, Albert Pai, and Matt Green, built the app, which is targeted at teens and young adults.

With the Dreamforce 2014 Hackathon right around the corner, we wanted to share some great resources from Ionic, Salesforce, and Heroku, to make sure you don’t waste any time getting to work building your great app and sharing in that wonderful $1M! If you’re attending Dreamforce, please visit the Ionic booth in the DevZone. We’ll […]

We’ve noticed a lot of Ionic developers using Heroku side-by-side, either as a backend or to actually host their Ionic app as a mobile website or externally-loaded app. To help with that, we’ve built a ready-to-go Ionic app with Node.js and Express, to either host your Ionic app as a mobile website, or to build […]

Mallzee, “the personal stylist in your pocket,” pulls together over two million products from 100 big-name fashion brands to find must-have clothes suited to its users, who are primarily 16-35 year-olds who love fashion but are too busy to spend a lot of time shopping. Mallzee’s unique Style Feeds allow users to get search-specific, receive […]