Monthly Archives: January 2015

This is a guest post by Andrew McGivery, an application developer with a strong background in Android, AngularJS, Ionic, C#, SQL, and front end development. Andrew writes often about Ionic and how to build great hybrid apps. Read more on Andrew’s personal blog With the rise of social networks, the “feed” has become a popular […]

Pacifica, an app for stress, anxiety and worry, is built around quick, iterative activities that individuals can perform privately in order to cope, understand, and better control their emotions. Developer Dale Beermann and designer Chris Goettel based the application on the well-known technique of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), in which therapists and their clients discuss […]

Our dedicated community helps make Ionic a great hybrid mobile app development ecosystem, for which we’re very grateful. One of the most exciting things we’ve seen happening over recent months is massive growth in our international community. Meetup groups have sprung up in cities around the world, and a few dedicated devs have committed to […]

Now that Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are on the scene, developers must consider new screen resolutions when building iOS apps. Ionic’s styles are fully responsive out of the box, so there’s no issue there. However, when testing an app on a shiny new iPhone 6, your app will look slightly blurry by […]

Today, we’re excited to announce that Ionic View for iOS and Android are now in public beta! The alpha version has been live in the App Store for a while now, and after much updating and testing, we are confident it is ready to become a useful part of your Ionic development toolchain. We wanted […]

Updated as of 4/13/2015 Ionic and Crosswalk With our latest CLI update, we’re excited to introduce the ability to package modern rendering engines within your app for Cordova, starting with Crosswalk for Android. Crosswalk provides Android developers a bundled Chrome webview for their projects, resulting in better performance and predictability! Our team is passionate about […]

This is a guest post by Nic Raboy, an application developer with a strong background in Android, AngularJS, Ionic, Java, SQL, and Unity3D. Nic writes often about Ionic and how to build great hybrid apps. Previously, I wrote about the importance of uglifying your Apache Cordova source code. If you read my previous post you’ll […]

Before releasing Beta 14, we took some time to gather feedback from the Ionic community about how navigation UI should behave: not just how it should be animated, but how everything comes together in an app. In Beta 14, we made some major changes to the navigation structure and elements that follow some already well-established […]

What’s the first thing users see when they download your app? What about after they install it and start the app? An app icon and splash screen (launch image) are important parts of any app, yet making them used to be incredibly tedious. You needed numerous icons for iOS and Android, and then you had […]