Monthly Archives: August 2015

Push is growing. Quickly. When our Platform team last checked in with you, we’d sent a few hundred thousand push notifications during our alpha. Now, we’ve sent over a million! That’s a 200% increase each month! We’re getting real validation for the Ionic Platform, and the excitement among the team here at Ionic cannot be […]

Exciting news! has integrated Ionic into its platform! We’re psyched, because we believe this integration will empower a broader base of developers to build mobile applications. We think it’s great that a strong company like Appery is investing in the web platform.

On Friday, we held our first-ever Ionic Hack Day. Everyone was encouraged to take the entire day to work on a project of interest that could be related, or not, to Ionic. As you know, we’re a fairly enthusiastic team, so the second Max gave us the heads up about the hack day, Josh immediately […]

Ionic exists to empower developers. It packs the most essential UI features into easy-to-use, lightweight, performant components that help you build your hybrid mobile app. In the course of building Ionic, we had to make decisions about what to include and what to leave out. Should we bake a custom calendar interface into Ionic? How […]

I’m a strong believer that companies truly hit their stride once they know exactly who their target user is, and how that user fits into the higher purpose of the company. Recently, we’ve found and embraced ours: Ionic empowers web developers to build compelling mobile apps without having to change careers. That’s it. That’s why […]

Today, we are releasing the public beta for Ionic Lab! Ionic Lab is the result of our first experiment with the Ionic Lab concept, combined with the Ionic CLI, which gives developers an easy way to start, build, run, and emulate Ionic apps – as well as integrate them with the Ionic Platform (more on […]

Over the past two months, we’ve released open alphas of our first three Ionic platform services. In this short amount of time, we’ve seen thousands of updates to apps through Ionic Deploy, hundreds of thousands of push notifications sent to devices through Ionic Push, and millions of actions tracked in Ionic Analytics! Needless to say, […]