Monthly Archives: October 2015

A few weeks ago, we wrote a post about three cutting-edge companies that are using Ionic for The Internet of Things (IoT). After we published the post, several more developers who are integrating Ionic with the IoT in creative ways reached out to us. We were equally as blown away by what they’re building, so […]

In our most recent screencast, we talked about future-proofing your app. We converted our JavaScript to TypeScript and created a simple build step to compile everything back. Now, let’s look at how we can use TypeScript’s static types to annotate our code. We’ll add definition files for Ionic and start getting code completion in our […]

With so much focus on moving code towards ES6 and making it future-proof, I wanted to show you how you can start adopting tools like TypeScript to create an app that can be easily upgraded and maintained.

Today, at the Angular Connect conference in London, we announced the first public alpha version of Ionic 2. Many months of hard work, false starts, lessons learned, and “aha!” moments have led us to this day, and we are so excited to finally take the wraps off the next generation of Ionic. We’ve talked a […]

One of the best things about being an open source software company is hearing inspiring stories about the Ionic apps that students, individual developers, and nonprofit organizations create to make a positive difference in the world. We can all use a few more of those stories, right?

Uri Goldshtein is a software developer at Meteor Development Group and frequently writes about Ionic on Meteor’s blog For the Ionic 2 version of this tutorial, click here. With Angular-Meteor, Meteor became a great backend solution for Angular and Ionic apps. Meteor now has official support for Angular with its third party libraries, and Ionic […]

So you’ve been hard at work building your app. You’ve been developing with ionic serve, testing with Ionic View and Lab, and now you’re ready to unleash your app on the masses. There’s just one problem…how? Today, we’re incredibly excited to provide you with a solution: Ionic Package, now in public alpha. What can Package […]

A few days ago, everything in the mobile world changed forever, though few realize it yet. Google just announced that they’ve started indexing iOS 9 apps (joining Android apps) that support the HTTP deep link standards, allowing users to find and open app content through the standard Google search in Safari on iOS and Google […]

In less than two weeks, the Yanks from the Ionic team will land in London! It’s been a very busy summer, and we have a lot that we’re excited to show off. Max, Adam, and Perry are headed to London Oct. 19-23 for AngularConnect, where Adam will give a talk, and Perry and Adam will […]

Welcome to the latest installment of the Ionic Bonds series, with regular updates on Ionic’s Platform Services. The latest batch of updates for the Ionic Platform have landed, and I am very excited to introduce the new web client! This new service module has a lot going for it: future-proofed ECMAScript 6 support, no dependencies, […]