Monthly Archives: January 2016

We’re constantly excited by the creativity Ionic developers demonstrate when using Ionic for IoT projects. Ionic developer North McCormick, who started Ionic Utah, recently talked with us about two personal IoT projects he built last year, using Ionic. “I was super excited that when the time came to work on my IoT projects that I […]

Last week, a post by leading OSS maintainers on the state of GitHub for issue and project management at scale went viral. At issue is the lack of tools to help successful projects manage the massive overhead with triaging issues, assigning priority based on community demand, and enforcing adherence to contributor guidelines. Without better tools, […]

The Ionic team isn’t just a bunch of software nerds–we’re a bunch of food nerds, too. Company potlucks tend to become a bit of a swagger-fest, as everyone shows off their Old Family Recipes for types of pie or brags about how they grill outside even when it’s ten degrees. So it’s no surprise that […]

The entire Ionic Creator team would like to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for supporting us! Since releasing the stable version of Creator, we’ve had an overwhelming amount of positive support. We’ve seen over 48,000 people check out the new version and make over 65,000 new apps–what an awesome way to […]

Every once in a while, we evaluate the market share of various mobile operating systems to see whether or not we should officially support them in Ionic. Unfortunately, older versions of some platforms like Android can be difficult to test, as the emulators function differently than the devices, and the devices become harder to find […]

Here’s the final screencast in our Ionic and TypeScript series! In our most recent screencast, we finished converting an Ionic 1 project to TypeScript. Now, we’re going to easily convert a portion of this app to a full Ionic 2 app, with minimal changes to our Ionic 1 service.

It’s that time of year again, where we reflect on everything that happened in the last year with Ionic and imagine what 2016 might have in store for the Ionic world (See what happened in last year’s update). 2015 was a transformative year for Ionic. We launched Ionic 1.0, broke ground on Ionic 2, added […]