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There’s something special about holding a real, tangible product in your hands before making a purchasing decision. It can be hard to visualize yourself owning something you’ve only read about or talked about with a sales representative. So if you’re in the business of making mobile apps for your clients (especially at higher price tags), it […]

Ionic makes it easier to build a multi-platform mobile app using modern web technologies. Stamplay allows developers to use APIs as building blocks to to rapidly construct scalable, maintainable backend applications. By using Stamplay and Ionic together, you can focus on building a unique app, instead of spending time scaling architecture or implementing the same […]

After much ado, we are excited to announce official support for Universal Windows Platform Apps in Ionic 2 beta.3, complete with a total UI look-and-feel and component set. Windows support has been an oft-requested feature for a number of important reasons. First, many enterprise companies have large deployments of Windows Phones and want to build […]

Getting up and running with your first Ionic 2 app using the Ionic CLI is super simple for anyone with web development experience. As this post will show, you can get started very quickly and have a “Hello World” app within ten minutes. Using just a couple commands on the CLI, you can have a […]

Hello, Ionites! You may have noticed, if you tried to submit your app to the iOS App Store in the last week, that as of today, some apps have started to be rejected for “non-public API use.” This is due to the hideKeyboardAccessoryBar method of the Ionic Keyboard plugin, which uses private APIs to remove […]

Ahh, SQLite, the plugin that everyone wants. The SQLite plugin for Cordova is a very popular plugin that allows devs to bypass browser-based storage by creating a full SQLite DB. But the plugin can be intimidating, especially for those who’ve never dealt with database queries before. Thankfully, we can use PouchDB as an abstraction. Check […]

To say that the Ionic team, currently comprised of natives of the Midwest and the East Coast, is a little obsessed with checking the weather forecast, is putting it mildly. In fact, Ionic team members routinely Slack pictures of the day’s forecast to each other. The Midwesterners and East Coasters trade jabs about whose town […]

We’re working harder, better, faster, and stronger on the new Ionic Creator everyday. Today, we’re happy to announce a new Creator team member as well as some awesome new improvements to the tool that we’ve made over the past month! Read to the end, and maybe you’ll even find a special discount! ? But first, some […]

Wakanda is an open source, full-stack JavaScript platform that allows developers to create and deploy mobile & web applications in the enterprise. Developers can use Wakanda to visually create data models, integrate external data sources (MySQL, MSSQL, Web Service), make data available via an automatically generated REST API, and secure data access by associating CRUD […]

Today we are super excited to announce the public beta of the Ionic Platform, a powerful set of backend services and tools that help take you from development up to scale with all your Ionic or Cordova/PhoneGap apps! We want to make it even easier for web developers to build amazing mobile apps with their […]

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