Monthly Archives: May 2016

Creator has come quite a long way since the early days. We’re constantly adding new features, fixing bugs, and making improvements to it—all of which are influenced by your feedback. Today, we’re excited to launch one of our most requested features: Theming and SCSS editing, available to all users! What Can You Do With Theming? […]

Remember how easy it was to select a specific date from an HTML input? Or when you had that great experience with JavaScript’s Date object? Or that large project where you had no troubles dealing with timezones? Me either. I think the best way to describe the experience comes from a Stack Overflow comment stating, […]

Today, we’re excited to announce the seventh beta release of Ionic 2. Beta 7 includes many bug fixes and several new features, including migrating to Angular 2’s RC build. Take a look at the changelog to see what’s included. What’s New The biggest change in Beta 7 is jumping to the Angular Release Candidate! Angular […]

By now, you’ve probably heard that Progressive Web Apps are the future of all mankind. They’ll bring world peace, end hunger, save the rainbows and unicorns, bring balance to the force, and a whole lot more. In the process, they might even push the mobile web forward, bring parity to web and native apps, and […]

When our team makes changes to a component in the framework, we want to make sure those changes don’t inadvertently mess up components elsewhere. So, we built a solution for ourselves: Snapshot. Snapshot has been an incredibly valuable tool for tracking all our changes, and we wanted to share how we use it to ensure […]

We’re excited to be partnering with on a hackathon from May 13 to July 31, 2016! This free online hackathon will award two prizes of 1,000 Euros each to the best Ionic proximity app.

In past posts in this series, we looked at some of the basics of creating an Ionic App, including a basic Hello World App, an app with pages and navigation, and finally an app that calls an API. In this article, we will look at using Ionic Native to interface with the Cordova Camera plugin. […]

We’ve got some exciting Creator updates to share with you this month! Take a look: New Creator Mobile App + Sharing ? Creator Mobile (available on iOS and Android) is honestly one of my favorite features in Creator, and I’m really happy to announce that we’ve made it even more powerful. It could already be used to […]

I’ve been presenting on hybrid mobile development for almost five years now. As a web developer, I found the opportunities of hybrid development to be incredibly exciting. All of a sudden, I could take the tools I had been using for over a decade and deploy applications in the mobile space. Like others, I quickly […]