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Since launching Ionic Creator into the wild in July of 2014, over 80,000 developers have used it to rapidly prototype their Ionic apps.

While we could not have been happier with the response that Creator received, we knew that there were definitely things that could be improved upon. And many of our awesome early users made sure to let us know! 🙂 A huge priority for our team over the past six months has been to make Creator the best it possibly can be.

And with help from the entire Ionic team, I’m pleased to announce the new Ionic Creator is here!

We’re so excited for you to finally get your hands on it. We’ve been working quietly on this new release for the past 6 months. We’ve added new features, polished existing ones, and fixed issues that many of you were facing. Let’s dive in!

Drag & Drop Components to Create your App


Creator comes with a library of drag & drop Ionic components that you can use to build your app. We’ve gone through each component and made sure that they are easy to use and have the editable properties that you would expect.

Some notable improvements are: the ability to create form and list elements without any restrictions as to where you can place them, the ability to upload images that will be exported with your project, an update to the latest Ionicons, and a reworked Tab system.

Interact with your Creator App in Real Time on your Phone

Sure, you can play with the app you’re creating in your browser, but wouldn’t you rather play with your app directly on your phone while creating it?

The Creator Mobile App allows you to do just that.

Pasted image at 2015_11_10 10_29 AM

It enables developers, designers, project managers, and clients alike to preview, test, and interact with their mobile prototypes in real-time. With automatic project sync and distraction-free live previews of your prototypes, you can access and preview your projects (or projects shared with you) from literally anywhere with an internet connection.

Experience your Creator prototypes like native apps, without any browser bars or unnecessary UI to get in the way. With a minimal and focused feature set, it’s an intentionally simple app that’s a joy to use.

The Creator App for Android is already available, and the iOS version is currently awaiting approval by Apple.

Export Code Exactly How your Developer Would Write It


The downfall of many visual editors is the code that they produce. It’s normally ugly and virtually unusable for a developer. The first thing they have to do is completely rework that code.

Not with Ionic Creator.

We’ve completely redone the Creator export functionality. It now exports a beautiful multi-file project:

  • Your Routes are all programmed for you, including complex abstract nesting.
  • Images you’ve uploaded are downloaded with your project.
  • Blank controllers are configured for each page of your app, so you can get right to coding.
  • Each page also has its template separated into its own file for easy editing.
  • Absolutely no restructuring or changes are required from your developer.
  • Projects can be bootstrapped with the Ionic CLI so you can go from Creator to fully set up Ionic project in seconds.
  • Projects can also be exported as native IPA/APK files directly from Creator.

Share your App with Anyone, Collaborate with your Team


Not only have we created a new Dashboard for you to view all of your projects, but we’ve introduced a new Sharing and Teams feature.

While you’re working on your project, you can share it with anyone using email, SMS, or by sharing your unique URL. The special Sharing page allows people to jump in and play with your app without the distractions of the Creator editor. You can also password-protect your projects, so you make sure only the people you select have access.

But that’s not enough: We decided to take it a step further. Now, you can invite your entire Team to your project and allow them to edit, preview, and export the app alongside you. Everyone on your Team can also use the Creator Mobile App to preview the project in real time on their phones.

The New Creator is Live. Right Now.

Head on over to to experience the new version today. There is no waiting, and no line: You can access and play with all of these new features immediately!

Not only that, but if you’re interested in one of our Pro plans, you can use the promo code “IONICROCKS” for an additional 10% off per month.

This code will expire next Friday (11/20/15).


As always, let us know what you think. Your feedback and support helps guide our development on the product. We look forward to seeing what you think of the new version!

Continue the discussion on Product Hunt or below in the comments!


  • http://www.raymondcamdencom/ Raymond Camden


    • yesimahuman

      Thanks for all the help Ray!

      • Matt Kremer

        Yeah, I appreciate it! 🙂

  • Taylor Palmer

    Cool! This is much faster than the last time I tried it.

  • infinivert

    Looks awesome! Thanks!

  • Mukesh Pancholi

    Awesome Thanks…

  • Shan

    Wonderful Jobs Done by the Team. Hat’s Off!

  • John Fake

    Next piece of awesomeness!!

  • Baki


  • Per Hansa

    Looks great! What are thinking for incorporating Angular2 into creator?

    • Ben Sperry

      We will definitely add support for Ionic 2 (which will use Angular 2) into Creator once it’s out. Still a ways off for now.

      • ZiLang

        Any news for ionic 2?

      • Anton G.

        Any updates regarding ionic2?

      • KenAtIBM

        Any news on Ionic 2 support for creator?

      • Liz Brown

        Also wondering about Ionic 2 support. Don’t leave us hanging. 😉

      • Sagar Mody

        When do we see Creator that exports Ionic2 code?

      • J. David

        update on future ionic2 support? years away? or months?

      • Lassie Marlowe

        Also wondering about Ionic 2 creator, now that Angular 2 is fully released surely it must be also close.

      • Alexey Karpov

        Looking forward to Ionic 2!

      • Alejandro Pirola

        Looking forward for Angular 2 support

      • Teerasej Jiraphatchandej

        Yeah! from a man who’re waiting creator to support Ionic 2 and Angular 2

      • Reza Rahmati

        Any news on ionic 2?

      • Denis Andrejew

        Adding my voice & vote — just used Creator & Ionic for the first time, only to discover in a not very user-friendly way that Creator generates code & templates for Ionic v1, but the default Ionic CLI etc docs are for v2. Any info on the status on v2 support for Creator? 🙂 Keep up the good work!

      • Pankaj

        Does creator now have ionic 2 support ?

    • Amin Lalji

      I just upgraded to a Pro thinking you already had Angular2 support … any idea on when it will be supported?

  • Mateus Machado Luna

    Is it possible to import already existing projects?

    • Matt Kremer

      If you mean projects that you are working on locally already, it is not. This would be extremely difficult to pull off as we’d have to parse your app no matter how you wrote your code.

      • Mateus Machado Luna

        Hehhee I supposed that. Good work anyways!

  • Kyle Roach

    Hey! What does this mean for the Ionic View app?

    • Matt Kremer

      The Ionic View app can still be used for once you export your project. The Creator app is meant to allow you to iterate quickly and preview your app virtually immediately with almost no load times. Makes it much easier to play with on your phone ?

  • Ron Farko

    This is a great milestone and can’t wait to see more stuff in the creator specially ION-Menu which is missing now.
    Also have a question, is there a link between the apps uploaded to and creator account? can we access the uploaded apps in the creator or vice versa?

    • Matt Kremer

      Hey Ron, and Creator are separate systems. Once you export an app from Creator, you can upload it to though 🙂

  • jstrategy

    I’m new to this… so sorry about the newbie question, but what will it take, once I design my app using the creator, to get it to a developer for the actual build?

  • Jonathan Peris


    I’m bit confused. Whats the difference between Ionic Lab and Ionic Creator? And why i should use Ionic Platform?


    • http://www.raymondcamdencom/ Raymond Camden

      Ionic Lab lets you preview for both Android and iOS in your browser:

      Ionic Creator is a visual design tool for an Ionic app.

      The Ionic Platform covers a range of services, like push and analytics. You would use them if – well – your app needs them. 😉

      I don’t work for Ionic so this is just my opinion.

      • Jonathan Peris

        Hi Raymond.

        Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen that Ionic Lab has “evolved” at a new GUI tool for build Ionic apps:

        But i’m not understand yet when to use the new Lab (desktop application) or the Creator (web application). They do the same things?

        Ionic Platform purpose is clear to me now. 🙂


        • http://www.raymondcamdencom/ Raymond Camden

          I apologize – I forgot the desktop app was called Lab too. 🙂

          The desktop tool lets you create and work with Ionic projects on your desktop.

          Creator lets you prototype apps in a web page.

          You can use Creator to lay your app – then download it and use it locally, with or without Lab to help you.

          That’s my take.

  • Pious Kulas Anoj Kingston

    how to use bootstrap in ionic creator?

    • http://www.raymondcamdencom/ Raymond Camden

      You can modify some design elements, but you can’t add a whole other UI framework in Creator. Once you get the code you can do whatever you want, but I highly doubt that Bootstrap will play well with Ionic, since it has its own UI framework. If you really want Bootstrap’s look and not Ionic’s, I’d probably skip Ionic, but don’t take my word for it – try it yourself. It may work well for you.

  • Chrystopher Salvador Medina Re

    it would be great a desktop app for ionic creator and make a fastest proccess for create apps.

  • Shivang Pokar

    How should i upload my final project in creator ?