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  • Joe

    So you don’t need a Apple Developer account, yipee!
    But you do need a Mac, boo!

    • Radicalized Raccoon

      You can connect and debug an iOS device using only a windows machine with Gapdebug. It is a free 3rd party desktop app.

    • Artyom Pranovich

      You can install and use virtual machine instead

    • Jira Kata

      May be we can use Virtual Box 5 with OSX Virtual Machine.
      This how to. After Install you need to change SerialNumber of your OSX to 0. Then you can login with your apple id.

  • Jorge Vergara

    “Sorry to break it to you PC users, but Xcode is still required, which means you still need a Mac.” hahahaha I’m on a Linux box and have been experiencing that pain for a while now, need to get that Mac fast

    • Elindor

      Ionic Package (or any other cloud builder) ftw man. Screw apple and their “buy everything we create or forget our customers” policy.

    • Radicalized Raccoon

      As I told Joe, you can connect and debug an iOS device using only a windows machine with Gapdebug. It is a free 3rd party desktop app.

  • Gabriel Eduardo Bejarano Rojas

    fuck you apple

  • Lowie Benoot

    I guess you still can’t distribute the IPA file to your clients (for testing), and install it on a non-developer device?

  • Aung Ye Htut

    Hello, I tried install the ionic app to iPhone/iPad via xcode, it worked well. But, few days or few weeks later, this app couldn’t use it anymore. And, the “Device Management” menu is disappeared from settings, too. If I reinstalled via xcode again, it works for few days.
    Any help?

    • Michael

      Hello, did you solve the problem? Does this happen when it’s a free account?

  • Sani Yusuf

    Great Stuff Works Like A Charm

  • Tim Russell

    What if I’m not selling my app via the App Store? We’re a B2B solution provider and our solution has an app as the front end. Our clients create travel itineraries and then send an app download link to their customers, without the App Store being involved. Do I need a developer account? Can’t get a straight answer anywhere.

  • hoangvu

    How many devices can be debugged by this way?
    So, how to remove the debugged device and add a new one?

  • Animesh Mishra

    thank u so much….it really helped..thank u..

  • Obi

    Thanks for this post. This is a lifesaver!
    I’ve tried it and was able to test my app on the iPhone. However, I noticed some things don’t work, such as buttons and Google social login, even though they worked fine on an Android phone. Back to the drawing board!

  • SonalK

    Can you only use the app for 7 days though?