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  • Arun Kumar

    Really Good initiative .. It’s always hard to configure dev env.

    But, i am not able to emulate android application.

    I’m getting below error no avd’s found.

  • Ian Ebstein

    I love this too. I like to reformat every once and a while to keep fresh, but setting up dev environments gives me pause every time.
    BUT! Like Arun, I haven’t been able to emulate at all! I haven’t been able to run through Genymotion or adb to my phone despite thousands of tabs worth of research.
    More support for this would be beyond amazing!

  • Cyberspy

    Don’t forget to also install Putty on Windows, as it doesn’t come with a default SSH client. Use this instead of ‘vagrant ssh’
    Having said that, I’m building an Ionic app on Windows (to control a raspberry pi robot running python flask to control it) without any problems and without vagrant.
    Just install nodeJ’s and then use npm to install ionic and Cordova. Simples!

  • jarrett jordaan

    This project does not seem to be maintained anymore? Is it still worth using though?