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While the Ionic CLoud team works away on some exciting updates to the beta of our backend services, we want to provide a new way to voice your ideas about it! So today, we’re excited to share the Ionic Cloud Wish List with you!

How can we help?

As with everything here at Ionic, our goal with our Ionic Cloud backend services is to help make developing mobile applications as easy as possible. And what better way to find out how we can do that than by hearing directly from the Ionic community? We’ve seen how awesome your ideas are, and the Ionic Cloud Wish List is the perfect place to keep track of them in one place.

You can post comments on the site and discuss new features and products you’d like to see added to the Ionic Cloud. While there, vote on your favorite suggestions to make sure they everyone knows about them.

We’ll keep you updated!

In addition to hearing your ideas, we want to provide an easy way to let you know what we’re doing about them. That’s why we’ve introduced a straightforward system to update you on the status of suggested features.

At a quick glance, you’ll be able to see if a proposal is completed, in progress, or on hold. And on top of that, we’ll add a short explanation and link to where you can find out more.

It’s our hope that the wish list will not only streamline your ability to make your ideas heard, but that it will also keep you in the loop as to how we’re acting on those ideas. So check out the Ionic Cloud Wish List today. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Marco

    Today i tried Analytics. It was specially for error logging, but not only. Honestly I didn’t find it mature yet:

    – No possibility to select a single row to see all the data associated
    – Pulse function need an option to select time range.
    – No automatic expection and $log.error tracking. (i used a decorator where i set in the global window var the log data and the in the i triggered the track function).

    At the end i tried loggly and for now i found it more comfortable, also the angular module has default decorator for $log and errors. The UI is also a lot better.

  • Kirti Sharma

    Is there any library or api to build fitness app in which workout , timer , notification , calculate calories included thanks.

  • Luke

    I have an active session, but when I hit sign in on, I get a 500 error. FYI.

  • Pablo Ivan G. Soto

    It appears you abandoned the Angular 2 series, that series got stuck in the components section, you promised, more on data binding yet to come…that was months ago.